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Mefroz- The Frozen Food Revolution Begins Here!
Mefroz- The Frozen Food Revolution Begins Here!

It is not a mere chance to have a strong legacy in the Frozen Food segment across the UAE. Over the last 30 years, Mefroz has been consistently delivering, upgrading & revolutionizing the Frozen Food Market. At the behest of some of the best technology going behind the scenes, we have emerged as the strongest player across the UAE.

From catering to individual needs of both retailers and wholesalers in the frozen food industry, Mefroz has spread it’s wings with 5 world class Retail Outlets in the Middle East. From frozen, fresh & dry seafood to varied meats to chicken, dry vegetables & delicacy foods we have only raised standards in our service deliveries & qualitative policies. When you work on a No- quality compromise formulae, people start accepting high standards of outout, precisely some things which have gone in our stride!

Over the years, we have built a strong foundation & a great network of the biggest clientele of 3&5 Star hotels & restaurants who have consistently renewed their faith & support in us! Having started nobly in Abu Dhabi, Mefroz is proud indeed to have branched out to various other parts of the Emirates!!

Processing, Packaging, Meticulous planning, detailing, Ethical Values, technological competencies- We at Mefroz raise all standards to deliver the ultimate satisfaction to our clients.

With strong team dynamics, inherent value systems, world class outlets & unison in meeting broader company objectives- For Mefroz, it is just the hallmark of another revolutionary beginning!!

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